Professional profile image of Ophelia Sun, an entry-level product designer based in Dallas, TX. Ophelia is captured in a confident pose, symbolizing her dedication to crafting impactful digital experiences through creativity and user-centric design.
Hello, I'm Ophelia Sun!
An Digital product designer based in Dallas, TX.

My journey into design has been shaped by my recent achievement of earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design Management from the University of North Texas. To further enhance my skills, I've successfully completed Dribbble's Product Design and UI Design courses, equipping myself with a foundation in the field. Additionally, I'm exploring the realms of data analytics and delving into no-code platforms like Webflow to broaden my skill set.

Learning Mindset & Career Goals:

As I prepare to enter the design industry, my current goal is to learn and gain hands-on experience in a creative and collaborative environment. I am excited to contribute and gain my design skills and creativity to make a meaningful and positive impact on users' lives.

Let's Connect and Create Together!

Let's Connect, Collaborate, and Create! Whether you're a fellow designer, someone interested in providing feedback, or seeking a passionate entry-level product designer to contribute to your project, I'm all ears. Feel free to reach out, connect, and explore the possibilities together.

Get in Touch
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