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Elevating E.W.Kan Law, LLC's Virtual Experience
In Progress
Logo of E.W.Kan Law, LLC, a comprehensive legal, tax, and accounting firm, representing professionalism and expertise in legal and financial services.
Project Overview
In collaboration with E.W.Kan Law, LLC, I'm working on a comprehensive website redesign project aimed at revamping the firm's online presence and enhancing its functionality. The primary objectives of this redesign are to create a user-friendly experience for existing clients while also establishing the firm as a dynamic marketing tool to attract new clients.
Product Designer
May 2023 - Present
Google Analytics
Hotjar Website Heatmaps
After the first meeting with the client:
The overarching business goal of this project is to strategically position E.W.Kan Law, LLC for sustainable growth by transforming its website into a powerful marketing tool. This redesign aims to establish a trusted brand identity, foster client trust, and attract new clients in the legal, tax, and accounting industry.
Let's break down the issues we're addressing:
Screenshot of E.W.Kan Law, LLC's first domain website home page, highlighting services and information. This represents the first website operated by the firm.Screenshot of E.W.Kan Law, LLC's second domain website home page, showcasing an alternative version of services and information. This represents the second website operated by the firm.
Content Disparity Across Domains
The firm operates two websites with different domains, leading to inconsistent information that might confuse visitors.
Screenshot of E.W.Kan Law, LLC's About page, featuring a blue background and three distinct font styles. This highlights the lack of visual consistency on the website, which can impact user experience and professionalism.Screenshot of E.W.Kan Law, LLC's service page, demonstrating a lengthy scrolling layout. This illustrates the challenging user experience caused by excessive scrolling, potentially leading to usability issues for website visitors.
Inconsistent Brand Identity
Currently, the website lacks a consistent visual identity, which can lead to confusion and an unprofessional appearance.
Screenshot of E.W.Kan Law, LLC's service page, demonstrating a lengthy scrolling layout. This illustrates the challenging user experience caused by excessive scrolling, potentially leading to usability issues for website visitors.
Usability Challenges
The design isn't always user-friendly, with issues like awkward scrolling and repeated content making the experience less smooth.
Document iconDocument icon
Client Functionality Gaps
Some essential features, such as an appointment booking system and secure document access, are missing for existing clients, affecting their convenience.
1st Phase Project Goal
Embarking on this initial phase, the project's core aim is to lay a strong foundation for E.W.Kan Law, LLC's online transformation. Key goals include:
  • Brand Identity Refinement: Develop and establish consistent brand guidelines, unifying visual elements for a polished and professional identity.
  • Unified Domain: Consolidate content onto a single domain, eliminating disparities and providing a coherent information hub.
  • Service Information Update: Refresh service details, ensuring accurate and current offerings while removing outdated content to provide clear, relevant information.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Redesign navigation, layout, and content to ensure a seamless and user-friendly journey, eliminating previous usability challenges.
  • Booking Feature Integration: Integrate a streamlined booking feature, enhancing accessibility and convenience for clients to schedule appointments.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Integrate a streamlined booking feature, enhancing accessibility and convenience for clients to schedule appointments.
Through these objectives, the 1st phase of the project seeks to create an optimized digital presence for E.W.Kan Law, LLC, setting the stage for future growth, engagement, and brand consistency.
Design Process Overview
1. Research & Discovery
  • Initial Consultation with Client
  • Website Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Understand & Design Users
  • Define the Business Goal, Problem, and the Project Goal
  • Review with Client: : Feedback and Iteration
2. Ideation
  • Information Architecture Refinement
  • User Flow Development
  • Wireframing
  • Review with Client: Feedback and Iteration
3. Design & Prototype
  • Enhancing Brand Identity
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Review with Client: : Feedback and Iteration
In Progress
4. Launch
  • Implementing Final Design and Features
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Transition to Live Website
  • Connect with Google Analytics
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization
Research & Discovery
Following the initial consultation, I tapped into Wix's traffic analytics and Hotjar's heatmap to dive deep into E.W.Kan Law, LLC's digital realm. This process, spanning 90 days of Wix analytics and a month of Hotjar data, unveiled user behavior insights that became the bedrock of our design decisions. These insights set the course for a user-focused website transformation.
Quantitative Insights
Pie chart displaying website traffic by device type on E.W.Kan Law, LLC's website. It illustrates the distribution of users: 75% (27 users) on desktop and 25% (9 users) on mobile devices. This highlights the importance of responsive design for accommodating different device preferences.
Device Usage
Desktop (27 users, 50 sessions), Mobile (9 users, 17 sessions). Highlights need for responsive design.
Pie chart illustrating the distribution of website users over time on E.W.Kan Law, LLC's website. It shows that 79% (34 users) are new visitors, while 21% (2 users) are returning visitors.
User Type Distribution
34 new users, 2 returning users. Guides engagement strategies for new visitors and retention.
Meet the User Personas
In crafting a user-centered experience, I've distilled our audience into three personas that represent the core clients of E.W.Kan Law, LLC. Each persona encapsulates distinct preferences and needs, providing invaluable insights for tailoring the design choices
Individual Client
Jane is a professional in her 50s who values straightforward navigation and accessibility. She seeks clear information on tax services.
Things to consider:
  • Emphasize intuitive navigation and prominent service offerings on the homepage.
  • Use clear headings and concise content to cater to her preference for easy access to information.
The Smith Family
Family Clients
The Smith Family, a middle-aged family of four, values a cohesive presentation of tax, and accounting services. They seek information on family-related services and advice.
Things to consider:
  • Organize services into clear categories with family-centric titles.
  • Showcase services that are relevant to families, such as estate planning or tax advice for parents.
Small Business Owner
Mark, a small business owner in his 40s, seeks professional legal and accounting services to ensure compliance and growth for his business.
Things to consider:
  • Highlight a separate section catering to small business services.
  • Emphasize the convenience of legal and accounting expertise for business growth.
  • Display relevant case studies or success stories to showcase the firm's expertise.
Ideation & Conceptualization
Embarking on the ideation and conceptualization phase, the journey to craft an intuitive user experience began. Guided by a deep understanding of user needs and objectives, the user flow, information architecture, and wireframes took shape. This section unveils how these critical elements were woven together to ensure seamless navigation and engagement.
Visualizing the Experience
Step into the wireframes phase, where concepts take form and design decisions come to life. This section unveils the distilled essence of user-centricity, highlighting key enhancements that elevate navigation, organization, and interaction, ensuring a seamless user journey.
Enhanced Navigation
Clear and concise menu options guide users effortlessly to key sections, promoting easy exploration.
Clear Service Categories
The hero section now prominently showcases the three major service categories, providing users with a straightforward path to explore their specific interests.
Streamlined Booking
A strategic Call-to-Action encourages appointment bookings, supported by a simplified process for existing clients.
Organized Categories
Services are now elegantly categorized, eliminating the need for excessive scrolling and ensuring a smooth browsing experience.
Gallery View
Services are presented using a gallery-style layout, allowing users to grasp offerings at a glance.
Friendly Approach
The About page is redesigned to present information in a personable and engaging narrative, fostering a relatable connection.
Human-Centric Experience
Content is now presented in paragraphs, offering a story-driven approach that resonates more deeply.
Gallery View
Experience are presented using a gallery-style layout, allowing users to grasp offerings at a glance.
Design & Prototype
In Progress
In collaboration with Christine Chen, the talented graphic designer behind the firm's distinctive logo, we've given wings to the brand's identity. Guided by this rejuvenated brand guideline, the journey through the UI design stage is set to take form. As the canvas comes alive, we're weaving the brand's essence into every pixel, working towards a harmonious and engaging user experience. Stay tuned as we blend creativity with functionality to create an interface that resonates.